Cost and time efficient cabin crew screening solutions for airlines

Becoming a cabin crew member is still a very popular job across the globe. The job requirements make it possible for a broad range of people to achieve this goal. This is of course positive news for the airlines, but at the same time it makes it challenging for the recruitment team to pick the very best candidates out of the broad offer.

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The operational challenge of the cabin crew pre-screening process

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If airlines want the best cabin crew members available, then it is imperative to pre-screen all suitable applicants.

Due to the high number of applicants and their geographical distribution, the pre-screening process often is a very expensive and time-consuming operation.

This is true for airlines recruiting their cabin crew members across the regions of bigger countries, and even more for airlines recruiting their cabin crew staff worldwide. But also smaller airlines face challenges.

The number of suitable candidates is always much higher than the recruitment need.

Due to new hygiene measures related to the worldwide pandemic, screening days now often have to be separated and split into more days.

Making the pre-screening process for cabin crew recruitment easy

At Screen, we understand the challenges airlines are facing when it comes to cabin crew recruitment. Our team therefore has developed a tool that helps:

  • Reduce the need for travel of both cabin crew applicants and recruitment staff
  • Reduce the number of recruitment assessors
  • Reduce the costs of the pre-screening process and improve time efficiency
  • Reduce the impact new hygiene measures have on the cabin crew screening process

At the same time, our tool helps to add:

  • Objectivity to the cabin crew selection process
  • Better ways to manage the pool of applicants
  • Customisation options of the screening tests according to cultural realities or airline specific needs
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Start saving time and costs today

Especially in these challenging times, cost efficiency is critical for the airline industry. At the same time, with the world re-opening, recruitment needs are rising again.

This is your opportunity to reduce costs of your cabin crew recruitment process, and make it easier over all.

Contact us today without any commitment for a free consultation and more information about our cabin crew recruitment solutions.