Our new advanced and remote
pre-screening system

Screen.hr developed a tool that helps airline HR managers and their recruitment teams to make the cabin crew recruitment process more efficient.

This advanced and remote pre-screening system allows airlines to screen cabin crew candidates remotely, reducing vastly the actual number of candidates that need to visit the cabin crew recruitment centre for on-premises screening.

Our tool suggests in a semi-automatic way which candidates should join the next phase of the cabin crew selection process, but leaves the airline HR manager and the airline’s recruitment team in charge of the final decision.

How does Screen.hr’s new pre-screening system work?

  • Applicant fills out the online job application
  • Applicant receives an email with instructions and a link to download the application
  • The pre-screening application will guide the participant step by step through the pre-screening process
  • Test results and application videos are made instantly available to the recruitment or HR manager
  • Only the successfully pre-screened candidates will be invited for further selection

Across the globe, recruitment of personnel in aviation can be quite complex. This is especially the case when it involves the recruitment of Cabin Crew. Screen.hr has developed an application that allows the initial part of the screening, at the participant’s location without the need to travel


What are the benefits of using our
advanced and remote screening system?

  • Save your airline time, money and unnecessary travel.
  • A quick and more objective assessment during the initial screening of candidates
  • The application covers different areas like logic reasoning, language vocabulary and pronunciation, self presentation and maths.
  • Fully customise the system to your airline’s branding needs as well as cultural realities
  • Pay per click: only pay for actual candidates taking part in the pre-screening process, and have a clear indication of your cost per candidate.

How to get started

To start saving costs and time and make the cabin crew pre-screening more straight-forward and objective is as easy as the system itself. You can get started with 3 easy steps:
  • Contact us and tell us more about your requirements
  • We will prepare a free demo according to your requirements
  • We show. You approve, or we improve!