Improving efficiency for airline HR managers: Remote and automated prescreening of cabin crew applicants

Cost and time efficient cabin crew screening solutions for airlines

Cabin crew recruitment is a lengthy and thorough recruitment process.
The Cabin Crew Pre-screening Tool simplifies the first steps of the process by remotely and automatically pre-screening cabin crew candidates. This helps airline HR managers to save time and costs at the same time.

A large volume of cabin crew applicants can easily be screened remotely, allowing you as a recruiter to be selective about which candidates you invite to the next phase of the cabin crew application process.

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Becoming a cabin crew member is still a very popular job across the globe and the job requirements make it possible for a broad range of people to achieve this goal. This is of course positive news for the airlines, but at the same time, airline HR managers and their recruitment teams face the challenge to pick the very best cabin crew candidates out of a large number of cabin crew applicants.’s new advanced remote cabin crew screening tool reduces this challenge by enabling airline HR recruitment managers to quickly and efficiently pre-screen an enormous number of cabin crew applicants remotely.

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Improving efficiency in the
cabin crew recruitment process

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If airlines want the best cabin crew members available, a rigorous application process is imperative.

Especially during the first stages of the recruitment process, when the number of cabin crew applicants is still very high, there is room for improved efficiency.’s Cabin Crew Pre-screening Solution greatly improves efficiency by remotely testing and prescreening candidates by semi-automatically providing suggestions as to which candidates should be invited to the next phase of the cabin crew recruitment process.

Objective and efficient pre-screening of cabin crew applicants’s remote cabin crew screening tool will help airlines recruiting their cabin crew members across bigger countries and even more airlines and recruitment companies recruiting their cabin crew staff worldwide.

The tool has been designed in a way that it will suggest semi-automatically which candidates should join the next step of the selection and recruitment process, while leaving the airline’s HR manager in charge of the final decision.

Airlines recruiting their cabin crew members around one home base will equally be able to reduce costs and time spent on the pre-screening process of cabin crew applicants.

The number of suitable candidates is always much higher than the recruitment need. Due to new hygiene measures related to the worldwide pandemic, screening days now often have to be separated and split into more days.’s advanced and semi-automated screening tool will eliminate unnecessary costs and at the same improve objectivity and quality of the pre-screening process for flight attendants.

It is a very cost- and time-efficient tool specially designed to help to make the cabin crew pre-screening process easier to manage for:

  • Airlines recruiting their staff internationally
  • Airlines operating in geographically large regions or countries
  • Airlines with several bases
  • Cabin Crew training and recruitment companies

Every airline or cabin crew recruitment company can benefit from Screen’s pre-screening tool. It enables airlines to remotely pre-screen a large pool of candidates, regardless of their geographical location.

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Making the pre-screening process for cabin crew recruitment easy

At Screen, we understand the challenges airline HR managers are facing when it comes to cabin crew recruitment. Our team therefore has developed a tool that helps:

  • Reduce the need for travel of both cabin crew applicants and recruitment staff
  • Reduce the number of recruitment assessors
  • Reduce the costs of the pre-screening process and improve time efficiency
  • Reduce the impact new hygiene measures have on the cabin crew screening process
At the same time, our tool helps to add:
  • Objectivity to the cabin crew selection process
  • Better ways to manage the pool of applicants
  • Customisation options of the screening tests according to cultural realities or airline specific needs

This tool is fully customisable to the brand identity of your airline or flight training organisation.

Get started in 3 easy steps

Getting started with our new remote pre-screening tool is as easy as the tool itself:

  • We discuss your requirements and specific needs
  • We customise the application to your organisation’s reality and set up a demo
  • You approve, or we improve!
You will then be ready to send out the pre-screening test to all candidates and get results instantly.

Start saving time and costs today

Especially in these challenging times, cost efficiency is critical for the airline industry. At the same time, with the world re-opening, recruitment needs are rising again.

This is your opportunity as an airline HR manager to reduce costs of your cabin crew recruitment process, and make it easier overall.

Contact us today without any commitment for a free consultation and more information about our cabin crew recruitment solutions.